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the consultancy journey

Here at AJL Consultancy, we believe we have developed an exciting and bespoke development pathway for our clients that is unique in the world of Sport Psychology and Performance.


Follow the client journey below as we guide you through our approach to supporting you in improving your mindset and performance.

We begin with a FREE 45-minute online consultation.

During this session, we will introduce the fundamentals of Sport Psychology and Mindset, and how they can be used successfully to help you or your team perform at your full potential.


Whether you are an athlete, parent or coach, the focus of this session is to build an initial rapport, trust and confidence; gather the necessary information needed to assess what support we can provide; set mutual expectations; and, ultimately, set you at ease with the process.


We will explore your perceived strengths and areas for improvement; your enjoyment, motivations, and stressors in your sport; and begin to build a picture of you as an individual and an athlete.


A bespoke, personalised development plan will be formed based on this session.

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We have had some fantastic success working alongside talented youth athletes in a variety of sports, including football, rugby, golf, motocross, athletics and swimming.

From this success, we have developed our Youth Development Program specific to youth athletes. looking at training and improving mental skills such as:

  • ​Understanding and growing confidence and self-belief;

  • Removing nerves and anxiety before or during performance;

  • Setting the right development goals;

  • Promoting elite preparation, ready for entering the demands of professional sport.


We are excited to launch our series of online coaching programmes, aimed at developing personal development and unlocking sporting potential.

Each topic in the series will contain a set number of live online zoom sessions, allowing us to interact with you directly. This allows us to tailor each program around your needs, ambitions and performance.

They can be purchased separately from our Partnership Program, allowing you to choose specific topics around mentality and performance that you require support with.

Keep an eye on our social media pages as we reveal each program topic. To find out more information and purchase a program, send an enquiry below.



Athletes tell us that their confidence is the key factor between successful and unsuccessful performance.


Together in this 4 session program, we will cover:


  ~  What confidence is, and isn't;

  ~  What, how and where you gain your    
      confidence, allowing us to tailor your    
      training, preparation and performance to
      promote these sources of confidence;

  ~  Strategies to promote confidence.


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