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  • How much does a session cost?
    Your initial consultation is free of charge. You will then begin a block of 4 introductory sessions which vary in price depending on whether you choose these sessions to be face to face, online or a mix of both. After completion of this block, you will be presented with various plans that differ in session frequency and pricing. For more information on the pricing structure of our introductory block or future plans, please fill in a contact form.
  • Can we work together if I can’t commit to any face-to-face sessions due to my location?
    Absolutely! I offer online packages that can be discussed following your enquiry.
  • How old does my child have to be to book sessions?
    I firmly believe age is no barrier to understanding, developing and applying basic psychological skills. I have worked with children as young as 8 on strategies to promote confidence, reduce nerves or anxiety and recover from setbacks.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    This question is entirely dependent on the individual and how much time, dedication and application you commit to the process. I have developed block sessions and packages that I have found have delivered the best results from previous clients.
  • Does your coaching only work in a sporting setting?
    In any sector where performance is important, such as health and fitness, performing arts, music, medicine or business, I believe the skills and strategies that I coach can have a significant impact on mindset and performance both inside and outside the workplace. Developing attributes such as increased confidence, anxiety control, effective leadership, enhanced communication skills, goal setting and more can be beneficial no matter the setting.
  • What will I learn?
    No client is the same, and your development plan will be tailored to you and your strengths, areas for improvement, motivations and future goals. Examples of areas I work on with my clients include improving focus, staying composed under pressure, reducing the impact of nerves and anxiety on performance, effective goal setting, understanding how to practice more efficiently and developing better pre-performance routines.
  • Does seeking out your support show mental weakness?
    Absolutely not! Some of the best athletes and teams in world sport work alongside Sports Psychology practitioners, not due to perceived weakness, but rather their desire to better themselves and provide the opportunity for mental and performance advantages over their competition.
  • What kind of results can I expect from working with you?
    No one can or should guarantee success or improvement in performance to potential clients. The results you achieve are dependent on you and your commitment, dedication and application to the process. From my deep understanding of the industry, I am committed to coaching you the most relevant and successful techniques and learning materials for your individual needs, as well as developing a working partnership that will provide you with the optimum environment for potential success. Outside that 1-hour session, there are an additional 167 hours in the week for you to study, practice and perfect what we work on. It is how seriously you take the process and what you do with this time that will dictate the results you can achieve.
  • Is our work confidential?
    During our sessions, you will share information that is private to you and I respect that privacy. Anything discussed will be held in the strictest confidence and informed by the BPS Code of Ethics and Conduct. I create a safe space for you to explore and understand your current mindset and psychological well-being. The more you open up, your self-awareness will increase, leading to more opportunities for learning and growth. Information will only be shared following consent from yourself for reasons we agree are necessary or beneficial. No knowledge of our collaboration will be shared with your coach or club unless requested by yourself.
  • Can we stay in contact at the conclusion of our partnership?
    I am extremely proud of both the personal and performance improvements I have seen from my clients to date. Often clients wish to continue contact in some form following the conclusion of our consulting agreement. I have developed packages that allow for this so that we can continue our collaboration at a reduced time and price commitment.
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