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Individual Consultations

1-to-1 private coaching for a wide range of sports tailored to your ability level and learning stage.
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Individual Consultations are 1-2-1 sessions tailored to your individual needs. Beginning with a free introduction session, we discuss your strengths, areas for improvement, motivations and goals both in and out of your sport. From this, a bespoke and personalised plan will be created that is tailored to your sporting ambitions and personal development. Free reading and support materials will also be provided.


Sessions typically last 1 hour, taking place at your home, chosen location or online.
Observations of training, matches or competitions may also be involved in our consultation journey.


How could Sport Psychology, Mindset and Performance Coaching help you?


• Enhancing performance through learning and perfecting mental strategies.

• Improve your preparation by developing pre-performance routines.

• Understand how to become a successful leader.

• Monitor your progression through effective goal setting.

• Develop coping strategies to deal with the pressures of competition.

• Recover from injuries quicker and more effectively.

Send an enquiry below to book your free online introduction session.

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