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mental health support

A confidential space to discuss your mental health with an empathetic and
understanding mental health professional.

Due to an increasingly pressured and demanding climate, athletes have spoken out passionately about the need for more readily available welfare and mental health support in professional sport. Current mental health support is often provided by untrained members of staff, who may not be available to give the appropriate time or understanding needed for such issues.


I spent the majority of my academic career specialising in identifying and supporting athletes who may be at risk or are already suffering from mental health issues, as well as becoming a qualified and accredited depression counsellor. Some of the statistics regarding mental health in and out of sport are truly eye-opening…

• Among professional athletes, up to 35% of elite athletes suffer from a
mental health crisis which may manifest as stress, eating disorders, burnout,
or depression and anxiety.

• A recent study found 78 out of 100 professional footballers
agreed that depression is a major problem in the game.

• It has been estimated that better mental health support in the
workplace can save UK businesses up to £8 billion per year

• A survey published by NHS Digital found one in six children
in England had a probable mental disorder in 2021.

Having interviewed and worked alongside a number of professional athletes since I began working in the area in 2013, I have gained a real sense of the demand for practitioners who not only understand the symptoms and signs of potential mental health issues, but who also appreciate the pressures and demands involved in participating in professional sport at the highest level. This is crucial in order to best support athletes through difficult personal and professional moments of their career.

To begin addressing issues surrounding our mental health, the first big step in the recovery process is talking.
So, whether you are struggling in or out of the sporting world, and you need a safe and confidential space with a qualified professional who displays compassion, empathy and the listening ear that you need,
contact AJL Consultancy today.

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