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youth athletes

Discover how I can develop your child's mindset and potential in their sporting setting and beyond.

In recent times, there has been a huge increase in parents who have sought out Sport Psychology coaching for their children. Not only will learning about Sport Psychology build the foundations for enjoyment and potential success in sport, but strategies taught in these sessions can also be seen as transferable ‘life skills’. For example, managing the dual demands of school work and sport; and controlling their emotions in other contexts, such as school exams. Learning mental skills as a junior is a great opportunity for children to get ahead of their peers.


I place a huge focus on ensuring that parents are involved at all stages of the consultancy process. This begins with the free introduction session, which involves both the parent(s) and the child. We discuss their sporting experiences to date, any parental observations, their strengths, areas for improvement, motivations and goals for the future. From this, a bespoke and personalised plan will be created that, with the support of the parent(s), is tailored to the child's sporting ambitions and personal development.


Sessions with children typically last 45-60 minutes; are less academic in nature and are more practical based to ensure concentration and fun are had throughout. At the end of each session, we discuss as a team with the parent(s) what has been covered in the session. These sessions can take place at your family home, or at a mutually agreed location. Evening sessions can be arranged around school hours.
Free support materials will also be provided.


I am immensely proud to have developed a great track record of educating, supporting and nurturing numerous youth athletes, both inside and outside of their chosen sport.

How could Psychology, Mindset and Performance Coaching help your child?


• Confidence building.

• Recover and learn from setbacks.

• Setting effective goals.

• Controlling nerves.

• Improving communication skills.

• Understanding the importance of effective preparation.

Send an enquiry below to book your child’s free online introduction session.

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